Trend Review | FW18 Women

If you’re planning to go on a shopping spree soon, here are some trends you should be on the look out for this season (yes I know we have rainy season & dry season, but ease meh up):

Animal Print

A personal favourite, animal print was everywhere this season. Keep it safe with classic neutral tones, or take a walk on the wild side with an injection of crazy colour. Since the 80s were a major focal point of the season, I’d say to play it a bit risky with the colour. ORRRRRR if you really wanna get into it, MIX THEM PRINTS (dying to try this).



Silver is the stand out metallic of FW18. If you’re like me you probably have a favourite metallic (mine happens to be gold), but don’t be afraid to switch it up! Think outside of the box. Think BEYOND accessories. For Christmas/ New Years, buy yo’self that slinky silver dress. Going to the club? A sexy silver cropped top might be in order. Chances are, if you look like a shiny futuristic discoball, you’re probably doing something right.



Good God I love me some pleats. They’re just so universally flattering (insert heart eyes emoji). We often think of them as quintessentially feminine, but this season there are new rules. Give your pleats a kick in the butt by pairing them with edgier, more street vibe pieces, like chunky platforms and graphic printed tees. Whatever you do, just don’t pair them with something delicate (no blouses allowed!).



Scarf prints

Just two months ago, I was taking a walk down Charlotte street to do some shopping for a project and walked into your stereotypical town store. Laden all over the walls and floors were shirts, dresses, skirts, swimsuits, ANYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE, in what could only be described as an imitation Versace Barocco print (you know, the really popular black and gold one). These scarf prints are high up on the trending list right now, and to get your hands on them you don’t have to go very far (Charlotte street all the way!).



Logo Everything

I think of this trend and what immediately comes to mind is that photo of Kylie Jenner walking her newborn baby looking fine as hell in a Fendi all-over logo-print mini dress. This trend is the perfect opportunity for designers to reinforce their brands. If the concept of being drowned head to toe in logo merch is a tad bit overwhelming, try accessories. A logo purse or hat- even socks to spruce up your look.




Don’t you just love that neon glow? Neons were present in a big way and in every way imaginable. Neons were worn bright and bold or incorporated into some of the seasons hottest prints such as checks and animal prints. As with the logo mania, head to toe neon might only be an option for a brave few, so if you’d prefer to slowly wade into the Mariana Trench that is neon, start off with accessories or items of clothing that have just a touch of the brights.


Bold Shoulders

Another personal favourite!!! I love me some power shoulders! They can elevate the most basic of looks. Picture this… Classic black crew-neck t-shirt & high waist straight-fit jeans (cropped lol)- a go-to outfit for a lot of gals these days, including myself. NOW picture that same t-shirt tucked in with a belt, with some THICC shoulder pads. Throw on your favourite sneakers, some sleek sunnies, and a pair of layered necklaces. Ba-da-bing! Ba-da-boom! A lewk. Casual, but elevated. You feels?



All White

Don’t you just love an all white look? Even though they’re not necessarily the most practical or the greatest idea for clumsy individuals such as myself, nothing says “refined” better. The catch with all-white this season was the lack of volume. Pieces were long and lean, adding stature and a streamline effect (much needed for us short folk!).



Utilitarian (safety fashion)

I mean we pretty much covered this trend in our Think Safe series. The idea is to integrate pieces that would traditionally be used for occupational safety into your everyday wardrobe. Honestly, this trend is like a two in one special. You get the utilitarian/ industrial aspect, but then you also get bits of neon or silvery, reflective fabrics that are also trending right now. I know that this one can be particularly risky to try but it’s honestly so much fun, and just like the other intimidating trends, there are ways to start off small. You can slide some washers onto hoop earrings like we did for a unique accessory, or you can get a neon safety vest and rock it over an oversized white t-shirt. Both are simple, but they make huge statements.



Fall Florals

What does this even mean?? While we may not have the four seasons, I’m sure that most of us can identify the colours that would typically be associated with fall such as mustard yellows, navy blues, oxblood reds and burnt oranges. Florals this season were not only laden with their signature autumn hues, but of course incorporated bright colours and specks of neon, so keep an eye out for em.