How to Wear | FW18 Women

Sometimes it can be a challenge to break down the complicated styling of runway looks to identify the trends. Luckily we’ve done that for you (FW Trend Review & Accessory Review), but even when it’s right there in front of us it can still be tricky to find out how to incorporate the latest trends into our day-to-day looks and execute our own master styling.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help! Here are a few ways that you can use some of the Fall/ Winter 2018 trends to jazz up your looks over the next few months…

Keeping it Casual

Elena is wearing a simple oversized black t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, meant to look like a dress. Over it you can see a wide, black, leather belt layered on top of a neon yellow back support belt. This look is perfect for when you’re looking for something easy yet interesting to wear when you need to run some errands out of the house.
Trends: 3

Late-Night Liming

AA2B58C2-0135-4035-AF5D-6D6684FA6ED7In this photo, Safia is wearing a pleated mini skirt with a wide snakeskin-print, silver belt, and a FILA logo tee. She’s accessorized the look with circle-shaped earrings, silver platform slides and a metallic lime green, chain-strapped bag. We love this outfit for a casual liming scene. The slides and t-shirt help to dress down the peats and make it more suitable for small get-togethers with friends and family.
Trends: 6

Day to Night Realness

53E4AC57-A617-46FA-87B7-C6B721CA2E4FSnakeskin-printed jeans are the star of Elena’s outfit. She’s paired them up with a silver top, and a shoulder-padded short sleeve blazer. Her accessories include a metallic choker with chunky chain links, and a simple box bag. This basic top and jeans look has been elevated through the addition of the blazer and accessories to take it from day time casual to night time fun!
Trends: 6

Party in Style

A429DDA4-0027-46E5-A5A1-E99349710AC3Mixing and matching is one of Safia’s favourite style habits. Here she mixed a leopard-print, padded-shoulder blouse with green scarf-print pants and pointy-toe shoes. She is also wearing a single-sided hoop earring, a belt with a large silver buckle, and a faux croc leather purse. Let it be known that nothing says wild like animal print! Live it up on your night out with this classy print mashup.
Trends: 5

Phresh and Clean

1353A605-7767-43FD-9912-6CE15EE5F708To accessorize this streamline, all-white ensemble, Elena wears some triple layer gold hoops, along with a tortoise-shell printed belt and purse featuring tortoise-shell inspired, circular handles. This look is just right for occasions where you want to stand out from the crowd. An elegant, all-white outfit is sure to catch everyone’s attention, especially when paired with bold accessories.
Trends: 4

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Styling: Safia Elena Ali