Marlon James

About me:

“Marlon was born in 1980 in Kingston, Jamaica and is currently based in The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, which includes group exhibitions at The National Gallery of Jamaica, Punkt Ø / Galleri F15(Norway)  Gallery of Mississauga(Canada), The IDB Cultural Center(D.C.), Art Museum of Americas(D.C.), Bargehouse(London), Aliceyard(Trinidad). He has also been published in Small Axe: A Caribbean Art Jornal41, Pictures from Paradise, Jamaica Art: Then and Now and ARC Magazine Issue 4. He received his BFA from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in 2003.”- adapted from Autobiography


Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Retouching (Personal & for Clients)

Favourite thing about my job:

What I enjoy the most is the process of getting the winning shot. Sometimes it’s not planned, which makes it more exciting for me.

Favourite thing I’ve ever shot:

This is a difficult answer to give, because I would be excited or extremely happy about a particular shoot I’ve done, then it disappears when I do another assignment that may be more interesting/different from the last shoot.

Photography goals:

I would love to do a fashion editorial for a major magazine or brand, as well as have my personal projects be exhibited in international galleries.

Contact Marlon

Instagram: @moderndaycaveman

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