Yannick Gibson

About Me

I am an avid Marketing enthusiast who just happens to also love fashion. In fact, what I love about one discipline, I love about the other. Both fields incorporate a blend of creative and business, they are both super fast-paced, and they both – whether consciously or not – affect, and are affected by society as a whole.

I believe that the fashion industry is often viewed as superficial and frivolous, when in reality there is such an intellectual component to it. Sure, fashion is and should be fun, but it also is an undeniable form of artistic expression for all involved.

Having studied sciences throughout high school, and then business marketing at a tertiary level, I am grateful for the fact that my personal creativity has been informed not only by the many travel opportunities I have been fortunate enough to have, but also by the meticulous skills that I have developed during my studies.

I enjoy the logical side to fashion but I also believe it should be evocative, and make one feel something.
As a result, I tend to be somewhat more particular about the work that I create, often described as not only an overachiever, but as a perfectionist – a deadly combo.

What I Do

Currently, I am doing a Masters degree in Marketing & Strategy in the U.K.

But apart from that, I am also a fashion blogger. I use this platform to keep abreast of fashion-related goings-on and to help refine my own creative eye. It is very interesting to me to see trends – both socially and in the fashion world – develop.

I am also working on a creative portfolio which includes a carnival costume I designed, as well as a series of photoshoots I creatively directed and participated in!


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Fashion Blogging, Fashion Marketing

What I Want My Work to Do

I want my work to showcase the fun, vibrant and colorful side to fashion. It doesn’t have to all be serious!
I’m Caribbean after all, so these values are intrinsic to me – and of course I would want my work to reflect that!

I try to create strong images that make viewers think or feel something.
As stereotypical as it sounds, I really aim to capture moods and moments that makes one stop to question “what is [the model] doing?”, “why is he/she doing that?”, “why are they in this particular setting?” – for me, it needs to be more than just a pretty image.

Fashion is so subjective, and I’d like to think my work is as well.
Depending on our own personal experiences, we all respond differently when we see certain images. Maybe it’s the marketer in me, but I really push myself to understand why and how these perceptions are different, and to be honest, I really like that intellectual component of the industry.

Contact Yannick

Personal Instagram: @yarnes08

Fashion Blog: Citizen of the Planet

Blog Instagram@yannick.gibson


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