The Nest

Always comfortable, but never complacent,

the little bird looked out, admiring the other birds in the sky,

watching as their tiny flutters disappeared into the clouds above the horizon.

She longed to feel the wind’s tender touch move between her feathers;

she longed to soar, guided by the currents, and discover all there was to learn.

But alas,

as she wandered close to the edge, she found herself frozen,

afraid of falling;

too afraid to truly let go.

And so the little bird sat

in her nest



The little bird sat

in her nest,


“You’re ready,”

whispered the wind,

“it’s your time”.

And as though in a trance,

guided by the fire burning within her,

the little bird stood at the edge.

Without hesitation, she let herself go,

her wings bursting open,

a sight so beautiful to see.

And there she found herself, not guided by the currents,

but rather by her own wings,



disappearing into the clouds above the horizon,

to places beyond her wildest dreams.

– Safia Elena Ali


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