Safia Elena Ali is a Trinidadian-based creative professional and fashion consultant with over seven years of experience in fashion, sales and marketing. The holder of a Masters Degree in The Business of Fashion and member of the SheFi community, Safia’s titles include: Creative Director, Stylist, Fashion Business Strategist, Fashion Marketing Strategist, Storyteller and Artist.

Safia is passionate about the intersection between art and self-discovery, and equates all acts of creation to authentic personal expression. Her love for soul-searching, surrealism and human psychology fuel her fascination with the blurred lines between reality and fantasy. This has driven her recent exploration into the potentially limitless role of technologies such as blockchain, AR, VR and AI within the creative and fashion spaces. It is Safia’s hope that by embracing emerging tech, Caribbean fashion designers and brands can stake their claim within the global industry by optimizing the way that the stories of their rich and vibrant cultures are told.

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Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

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