Marlon James

Caribbean Creatives

About me:

“Marlon was born in 1980 in Kingston, Jamaica and is currently based in The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, which includes group exhibitions at The National Gallery of Jamaica, Punkt Ø / Galleri F15(Norway)  Gallery of Mississauga(Canada), The IDB Cultural Center(D.C.), Art Museum of Americas(D.C.), Bargehouse(London), Aliceyard(Trinidad). He has also been published in Small Axe: A Caribbean Art Jornal41, Pictures from Paradise, Jamaica Art: Then and Now and ARC Magazine Issue 4. He received his BFA from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in 2003.”- adapted from Autobiography


Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Retouching (Personal & for Clients)

Favourite thing about my job:

What I enjoy the most is the process of getting the winning shot. Sometimes it’s not planned, which makes it more exciting for me.

Favourite thing I’ve ever shot:

This is a difficult answer to give, because I would be excited or extremely happy about a particular shoot I’ve done, then it disappears when I do another assignment that may be more interesting/different from the last shoot.

Photography goals:

I would love to do a fashion editorial for a major magazine or brand, as well as have my personal projects be exhibited in international galleries.

Contact Marlon

Instagram: @moderndaycaveman

Celine Choo Woon Chee

Caribbean Creatives

About Me:

I grew up in Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago and had a pretty sheltered life (for the most part). I attended Bishop Anstey High School (POS) which informed parts of who I consider myself to be now.

But I really gained my independence when I moved to the States for University. My four years at the University of Delaware, where I received a Bsc. Biochemistry and a minor in Woman Studies, shaped who I am today. It was the first time being away from my overprotective parents and it was the first time being in a predominately white space (America) for an extended period.

During University, I was fortunate enough to visit Trinidad every ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ vacation and about the summer of before my sophomore year I began to feel distant to a place that I called home. The dissonance grew but in the same vein Trinidad still felt the closest I’d ever come to feeling home.

Concurrently, I’ve never seen faces that looked like mine around me and to this day I’ve yet to experience that. I’ve always felt slightly displaced and I think I use art to try take these intangible feelings, emotions and thoughts to create something physical that I hope connects with other people.

Art is one of the ways I try to connect with other people and the world in a way that language can’t. It also helps me to explore myself and that dissonance in a way that is therapeutic for me. Through my art I think that a feeling of belonging has grown within me, whether that is harmony within a place or within myself or both.


Painting, Drawing, Design, Photography, Fashion, Creative Direction

What I Want my Art to do:

While my art is, half me sorting through my emotions and aiming to communicate as best I can in hopes that someone will connect with it, I also want it to keep pushing art and artists forward.

Progress in terms of:

  1. Innovating abstract and absurd art that doesn’t inherently have to mean anything but challenges boundaries.
  2. Questioning/analyzing societal norms in hopes of trying to better society.
  3. Connecting to myself more in hopes of other people striving towards their self-actualization.

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Instagram: @celine_cwc

Collaborations: @acutean9le between my friend, Bakhita and I where we create art inspired by our social and physical spaces. (Medium: Photography)